What We Do

Whether you’re blazing mountain trails in the great outdoors, a road warrior on a redeye, or participating in some less-than-physical kinds of marathoning, Manna has a hydration solution to fit your needs. With expertise in a variety of materials, we strive to bring you the products you need throughout the day, work or play.

Originated in New York City, Manna Hydration has heavily focused on improving its customers lifestyles. Our goal is to create products with the intentions of keeping the body hydrated and healthy with the purpose of helping our planet and reducing waste. We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through the production of new ideas and innovations. Our products represent originality, style and quality while continuing to create a healthier life for everyone. We value generating new creative ideas while implementing useful solutions. We want you to be completely satisfied with our product. If you find that there is any reason that you are not please feel free to contact us!


We take pride in our work, and truly value the expectations in quality and essence of all manna product based on consumer needs and trends.


Our team embraces all fresh concepts in order to create cutting-edge technology and materials for our products.


We are constantly thinking outside the box to ensure a contemporary aesthetic graphically and functionally for all our designs.


Progress is impossible without change. our design team always stays on top of the latest trends, while striving to be unique.