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Fun Activities to Fall Into This Fall

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Posted on September 27 2018

Fun Activities to Fall Into This Fall

We associate summer with the great outdoors. But to survive the sweltering heat and oppressive humidity, we often find ourselves inside worshiping the air conditioner. 

Fall is a different story. With cooler temperatures and air as crisp as a Fuji apple, the outdoors beckon.

Leaf-peeping, pumpkin picking and cider sipping are quintessential fall activities. But, this fall, consider having fun while also helping the planet and your community.

Clean Up the Coast

The recent plastic straw ban enlightened many to the various ways trash can negatively impact our waterways. Cleaning up beaches and shorelines will go a long way to keeping our water debris free while protecting our precious wildlife. 

Many non-profits host organized beach cleanups but you can also collect rubbish on your own.

Cleaning up Beaches

Get a group of friends together, go to the nearest beach, lake or stream and tidy up. Make sure you wear thick gloves and sensible shoes. Also, don’t pick up anything that may pose a danger to yourself or others.

When the area is clean, have a picnic! Fill your Manna Hydration carafes with hot chocolate and pack some sandwiches and cookies. Make sure to throw out your own trash when you’re done.

Visit a Farmer’s Market 

A farmer’s market is more than just a place to buy healthy, delicious food. Many farmer’s markets also provide musical entertainment. And the array of baked goods will make you swoon. It’s hard to imagine a better more relaxing way to spend a weekend morning.

Grab a cup of Joe, find a table and make new friends. If you’re a dog lover, bring the pooch so he/she can make new friends too! 

As a bonus, you’ll support local farmers. 

In fall, there are so many wonderful fruits and vegetables to choose from: arugula, rapini, eggplant, garlic, okra, pears and peppers are all at their best in autumn. Try something new. If you’re not sure how to prepare these delicacies, there’s always somebody at a farmer’s market with culinary knowledge who would love to help.

Farmers Market


Walk or Run to Raise Money

Many charities host fund raising walks and runs in the fall. Not only does a fund raising race allow participants to enjoy a beautiful fall day, but it also encourages a sense of community while burning a few calories.

A fund raising walk doesn’t require the same level of fitness as 5K and 10K runs, so young children and grandparents can participate, making it a wonderful family activity.

Whether you want to support cancer survivors, Angelman’s research, juvenile diabetes or a local family in need, a walk for charity is good for the heart in more ways than one.

Enjoy an Ethnic Festival 

Oktoberfest is the ethnic festival most associated with fall, but groups all across North America celebrate diversity this time of year with the food and music beloved by their people.

Italian Festival

Eat some baklava at a Greek fest, stomp grapes with Italians, learn about Filipino art or join in with Africa drummers. 

Spending a lively day eating, laughing and dancing with people who have different backgrounds make us better citizens.

Attend a Female Sporting Event 

In fall, male football players get all the attention. But there are a ton of great female athletes who also compete this time of year. 

Cheer on the female runners at a cross-country competition. Attend a local high school girl’s soccer game. Perhaps watch field hockey live for the first time. If it’s a rainy day, go to an indoor college volleyball tournament. 

girls playing fieldhockey

As a bonus, you may discover a new favorite sport.

Take a Trip 

In the travel world, fall is considered a “shoulder season.” Between the first day of school and the holiday rush, travelers are treated to fewer crowds, lower costs and milder weather. 

Couple snorkeling

If your schedule allows you to travel in September or October, you can find some great deals. Plus, you won’t have to wait in line for hours to visit your favorite European art museum. 

Along with comfortable walking shoes, consider packing a Manna Hydration reusable bottle. Saving money on single-use plastic water bottles both at the airport and during your trip means more money to spend on unforgettable memories.

Happy Fall! 

Mom was right when she said, “It’s a beautiful day. Go outside and play.”



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