The Manna Mission

As a hydration company, sustainability is the source of everything we do. Reusable bottles and accessories are not just a trend to us; they're essential to our survival.

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Buying disposable plastic products might seem like the most convenient option at the moment, but over time, it has caused global havoc on our collective ecosystem. Everyday, an average of 500,000,000 plastic straws are discarded in the U.S. These eventually make their way into landfills and our oceans. 

In fact, an estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans each year!

Plastic drink bottles are the #1 global pollutant as of 2020, while plastic straws were one of the top 10 global ocean pollutants by 2017. 

This pollution is staining our Earth’s visual beauty, causing bodies of water, beaches, fields, and more to be littered with garbage. Even worse is the drastically negative impact it has on the health of human and wildlife populations. 

We are in a crisis. 

But we can also be part of the solution. 

Always BPA-free and ethically produced in our very own factories, we ensure peace of mind across all phases of our products’ lifespan. 

All of our products are designed to replace the need for plastic bottles, cups, and straws. That’s why durability, functionality, and aesthetics are at the forefront of our sustainable goals. High-quality products can last longer and lead to less waste.

By choosing reusable, you contribute to a global initiative to save the earth from the dangers of mass-produced plastic products. 

Ethically Produced

Responsibly Sourced 

Committed to Growth 

Choosing reusable bottles and straws is an important first step in decreasing your individual carbon footprint and the demand for disposable plastic. And there are even more opportunities to make a difference. 

Take action!

Sign one of Oceana’s Marine life-forward petitions.



Learn more about ways you can reduce your carbon footprint from the Zero Waste
International Alliance
and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

plastic clean-up or tree-planting campaign in your community.

Here at Manna, we commit ourselves to developing the highest quality hydration products as alternatives to single-use plastic and minimizing the impact our manufacturing, materials, and distribution systems have on Mother Earth. 

Share your eco-conscious journey with our community using the hashtag #radicallyreusable