About Us


Manna Hydration is the brainchild of two brothers who were tired of the bizarre and chunky looking bottles and tumblers they saw being sold. They wanted to create a line of tumblers that people enjoyed to carry and kept drinks temperature stabilized.

Our company is based in New York City, where we find constant inspiration in the hustle of passionate people going about their lives. We are also inspired by the foreign travels of our founders and staff and time spent in nature.

At Manna, we pride ourselves in only using the highest quality materials. We extensively test all of our products internally to ensure each and every bottle has a long lasting life.

With our in-house industrial and graphic designers, we have a hands-on approach during every step of the process. From ideation, design, testing to the final product, we demonstrate passion and joy in producing functional and innovative products for our customers. We design with you in mind whether it’s to keep your morning coffee warm for hours, your water ice-cold after a sweaty workout, or making sure every bottle is 100% spill proof for your bike ride home.

We are constantly innovating by integrating mixed material and technologies into our hydration products. Bringing our great products to the next level and never ceasing to innovate is what we are all about. We scrutinize every detail and engineer our bottles to be a staple of our everyday lives and adventures.

Our products are made in ethically and socially responsible environments. We strive to help our planet by reducing waste.

We make products we love for people who love the world. We are Manna.