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7 Easy Tips and Tricks to Keep You Stylish at the Gym

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Posted on February 21 2018

how to be stylish at the gym

We all know that one person at the gym—the one who looks great even when they’re covered in sweat. You know who we’re talking about. It’s that guy or girl who looks so put together they could easily be a model in a fitness magazine. We hate that person!

Okay, that’s a little harsh. We don’t hate them, but we are envious. When we go to the gym, we’re most often described as the “hot mess.”

No, those sweats don’t have a hole. It’s called ventilation! As for our shirt… Tie-dye is in, right? 

You might not be as bad as us, but not everyone can be this cool. Still, if you’re looking to be more stylish at the gym while still getting in a solid workout—after all, that’s what really matters—we have the tips and tricks you need to look great. 

Wear Layers

Let’s be honest; few people look great in head-to-toe lycra.

That second skin look can only take you so far, but it’s what you find when it comes to gym clothes. That’s why we recommend a little bit of layering.

It’s amazing how far a great jacket can go. It can keep you warm during warm up and easily shed off as you start sweating on the treadmill. You can also layer when it comes to your shirt. Try wearing two complementary tank tops or wearing a pair of tights under your shorts for a more put together look.

Match It

Just because you’re at the gym doesn’t mean you should let everything you know about style go out the window. Match the colors you’re wearing and the styles. If you’re wearing bright blue shorts, don’t pair them with a red top—you’re not Superman. Keep it subtle. Wear complementary colors or pair a neutral top or bottom with a color. There’s no need to scream, “I’m here” in lime green and orange.

Beyond color matching, you should also match style.

That doesn’t mean baggy on baggy. Just the opposite.

Tight pants should be paired with a looser top. And yoga pants should be paired to a matching yoga top, not some old t-shirt that’s been in your closet for years. Wear clothes that fit your body. That’s key!

Keep It Clean

No, you can’t wear the same clothes to the gym every day of the week. Anything that sits next to your skin needs to be washed after every wear. This is especially important when you sweat.

Invest in good gym clothes and wash them after every workout. You don’t want to start your workout with gym funk and end it smelling like something’s died.


We’re not talking jewelry.

The gym is no place for a necklace, but that’s not the only accessory you need at the gym. Be smart and bring a bottle of water with you. Getting dehydrated is definitely not sexy but carrying a Retro hydration bottle is.

Other stylish accessories include:

  • A towel to clean off the equipment after you use it
  • A headband for sweat
  • A stylish gym bag for your clothes
  • A workout tracking device—watch, phone, app, foot pod, etc.

Avoid the Mirrors 

You want to know what isn’t sexy?

Spending the entire time you’re at the gym staring at yourself in the mirror!

Watching yourself workout reeks of insecurity, not confidence. While you can and should use a mirror to check out your performance during a lift, staring at your muscles shouldn’t be why you head to the gym.

Instead, focus on your form and make sure you’re doing every exercise correctly.

Wear the Right Shoes

You might think your old school trainers look cool and retro, but they’re not appropriate gym shoes. You want to wear the appropriate shoe for every workout, including flip-flops for the gym shower.

NEVER go shoeless. First of all, it’s gross, and secondly, it’s a hazard to your health—we like our toes un-smashed.

Wear running shoes for running, and shoes with firm soles for weightlifting. Believe us; you look far more stylish when you’re dressed in a way that says you know what you’re doing.

Avoid the Stink

Stale sweat smells terrible but so does unpleasant cologne or perfume. When your skin heats up, your fragrance evaporates, meaning it gets stronger and stronger and mixes with your body odor. It’s a terrible combination. No one wants to be around someone who smells like a fragrance counter in a department store went on a bender.

Instead, on your gym days, make sure you use a sporty fragrance with fresh, light, and non-overpowering notes. You don’t want to fumigate the gym with your scent. So, use deodorant and be sparing on your cologne and/or perfume.


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