7 Fashion Accessories Every Fitness Lover Needs in Her Life

7 Fashion Accessories Every Fitness Lover Needs in Her Life

Working out is so much better when you have everything you need to feel great while getting in shape. We’re talking about those fashion accessories that make all the difference in your workout routine. 

Sometimes all you need is a great pair of shoes, but other times, the right fitness tools, gadgets, and accessories are the only thing that will keep you going. So, what should every fitness lover have in her life?

1. Gym Bag

You don’t need anything fancy, but a well-made gym bag can make a huge difference in whether you hit the gym daily or not. You want a bag that can help you make the seamless transition from work to the gym to a weekend getaway.

Look for a bag that has lots of pockets to store small items. You’ll also want a good liner or fabric that you can wash as it begins to smell. And don’t forget to choose water resistant material.

2. Foam Roller

After a tough workout, you need to stretch. One of the best devices for getting the kinks out of your muscles is a foam roller. We particularly love portable foam rollers that you can take with you on the go to use at the gym, on a trip, or wherever you need a little extra help. 

3. Water Bottle 

You should never hit the gym, the office, or the store without a water bottle in hand. By carrying a water bottle with you everywhere, you’re more like to stay well hydrated, which is necessary for any successful fitness routine.

And when it comes to hydration, no one does it better than Manna. We have bottles for every style and need from Retro Metallic to Ranger Glass to Haute.

4. Hand Towel

Everyone sweats, but when you’re at the gym, you don’t need to leave that sweat behind. A quality hand towel that’s absorbent, quick drying, and soft can be a game changer whether you’re in a yoga class or running on the treadmill. 

5. Headband 

When you’re in the workout zone, the last things you want to deal with are stray hairs or sweat dripping into your eyes. That’s where a sweat-wicking headband can make a huge difference.

Workout headbands are made to be comfortable, lightweight, and fashionable. So, all you have to do is choose your look and you’re set. 

6. Smartphone Holder

We’ve all seen it; someone running while holding her cell phone. That’s crazy. Instead, you can get a wearable smartphone holder. They come in many different varieties from armband holders to stretchy waist holders, whichever works best for you. The key is to make you phone easily accessible while keeping it out of the way. 

7. Sunglasses 

If you prefer to workout outside of the gym, then you know that a pair of quality workout sunglasses is a must. We recommend choosing polarized lenses to make it easier to see the road whether you’re running or biking. Plus, polarization cuts down on the glare.


With the right accessories, every workout is incredible. Make sure you have everything you need to kill it inside and outside the gym every day.

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