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Why Dad Definitely Needs a Keg Growler For Father's Day

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Posted on June 13 2018

Why Dad Definitely Needs a Keg Growler For Father's Day

Dad doesn’t need another tie. Maybe your dad doesn’t even wear ties—and never will. But what we can guarantee is that he definitely drinks liquids (alcoholic or not) and would love a Keg Growler for Father’s Day.

Think of it like a “Best Dad Ever” mug, but he’ll actually like it instead of just pretending to. Allow us to list a few reasons why, so you can stop worrying about what to get the big man and start planning his big day instead.

1) Crown him the king of the tailgate

Help dad relive the glory of the old college keggers he’s always telling you about by gifting him a keg growler. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated design keeps beer and other bevs cold for 24 hours and will keep his drinks hot for up to 12 hours. The keg growler holds about five and a half cans of beer, which means he’ll have the double bonus of never having to run back to the cooler and never having his beer get warm out in the sun.

2) Work lunches & hiking trips-approved

The growler isn’t just good for holding drinks. It’s also perfect for packing a hot meal for a long day on the slopes or climbing out on the mountain trails. He can fill it up with soup in the morning and it’ll be just as hot when dinner time rolls around. So, he’s going to remember how much he loves you every time he’s enjoying a hot meal instead of a protein bar or handful of trail mix.

The 64-ounce size also makes it great for sharing coffee with a group in the morning—or if he wants to bring a full pot to work for himself. We won’t judge the man. The tight seal and condensation-free exterior also ensures it won’t get any of his papers wet when he throws it in his bag, or he can clip the thermoplastic rubber travel loop onto his pack and be good to go.

3) Lost lid, no problem  

Is the kitchen cabinet at home a graveyard of drink containers that lost their lids too soon? We know the pain. Life happens, which is why we came up with our lifetime replacement package. For $15, you can also get your dad a lifetime replacement package where we will replace up to five of his missing lids. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, as dad keeps on losing lids when the tailgate gets a little too pumped up.

4) Works well alone & with others 

The keg growler is a perfect gift on its own. Anyone with siblings, however, can go in length about their one family member who always tries to get in on their gift. Luckily, you can avoid the fight and consider gifting the growler as part of a beer basket. Pair it with other gifts, such as a mini keg of his favorite beer, tailgate games, or hiking gear. Now everyone can put their name (and their money) on the card.

5) High quality, low maintenance

You don’t want to give dad something he’ll be afraid to use. The keg growler is BPA & lead free and is made from professional 18/8 stainless steel. He can toss and bang it around all wants, and it’ll still work just as great as the day you gave it to him. It’s dishwasher safe, which makes it especially handy for packing hot lunches and everyday use.  

6) Home brewer-friendly  

Keg growlers are a great, useful gift for anyone into home brewing or anyone looking to get started on the hobby. A growler allows them to easily transport materials or bring over a batch to share with friends and family. If your dad would rather leave the process to the masters, many local breweries also allow people to bring their own growler and fill it up from the draft.

Think of beer tasting as a hobby you can enjoy together as you create memories and expand your palettes one growler at a time. Just make sure you get a keg growler for yourself, too. We don’t predict that dad is going to want to share.



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