Holiday Drinks Series: Winter Orchard Sparkle

Holiday Drinks Series: Winter Orchard Sparkle

 In our first installment of the Holiday Drinks Series, we brought you something cozy. This time around, we teamed up with Suze of @gourmetglow to bring you something a little more ethereal ✨


Suze hails from the UK to help us spread some holiday cheer to our #mannahydration family all over the world. Enchanted by the glitz of our Holiday Edition wine tumblers, she crafted something equals parts sweet with a kick:


"Chocolate & Pear, such a winning combination. Throw in whisky and the heady scent of Almond and you have the Scent of the Holidays right there. Make up a batch, pop it in your cup and your Winter Walks just got warmer…"


Suze's Winter Orchard Sparkle



You'll need...
(Serves 1)
35ml Bourbon
10ml Amaretto
10ml Maple Syrup
3 Dashes Chocolate Bitters
Perry or Hard Cider to top up
Ice to serve
 1. Add the Bourbon, Amaretto, Maple Syrup and Bitters to a Boston Shaker and shake to combine.
2. Pour over Ice then top up with Perry/ Cider. Store in your cup until you need that warm glow inside.
Now for a quick Q&A with Suze about all things mixology:
Manna: Thank you so much for crafting this intriguing and delicious cocktail, Suze! What was your inspiration behind this recipe? 
Suze: I love making mixology an extension of my food pairing. For me, there is nothing more wintery than Pears & Chocolate, it's the ultimate indulgence. But I wanted to keep this drink full of crisp winter freshness, so I added all the flavour, without the heavy mouthfeel.
Manna: How do you most like to enjoy this recipe?
Suze: For me, this is great for an evening stroll with my doggy to go and see all the Christmas lights on the houses around my village. I stop on the little bench by the duck pond as the lights twinkle on reflections of the water. Sipping this drink just adds to the magic!
Manna: Which bites pair perfectly with your Winter Orchard Sparkle?
Suze: This just sings with my Gluten Free Brownie Mince Pies, its everything you love about the holidays all wrapped up in one, plus you can never have too much chocolate…
Manna: If you ask us, our holiday edition wine tumblers look like they were just made for your recipe!
Suze: I love the sparkle on the tumblers, for me, drinking a cocktail is so special that it needs a bit of a twinkle, plus it keeps the ice from melting and diluting the drink which changes the whole flavour profile.
Manna: What can you absolutely not be left without when practicing mixology?
Suze: I wouldn’t be without a hawthorn strainer, its perfect for straining out ice once you’ve chilled your mix or straining a sour for the silkiest of foams.
Suze of @gourmetglow is a qualified chef with a background in biological sciences and author of Combined with her artistic expertise, she offers a bespoke recipe creation and food styling service like no other. Throw in food photography and she has all of your bases covered. Distinctive flavour combinations, beautifully crafted and captured in the most stunning images, Suze has a truly unique package to offer.

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