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These Insulated Tumblers and Bottles Will Keep Your Winter Drinks Piping Hot!

Manna Hydration

Posted on December 14 2017

manna hydration bottles

In summer, iced coffee is refreshing. In winter, a cold cup of coffee ranks right up there with some of the bigger disappointments in life.

Hot beverages are called hot beverages for a reason. They are meant to stay hot until the moment they reach your lips. Yet, how many times have you poured cold coffee on a shrub or done a comedic spit-take when your chai tastes like spiced tap water?

Manna Hydration just may be the answer to your hot beverage prayers. Manna comes in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your to-go needs. Whether you’re drinking tea for one at a picnic or serving hot chocolate to a soccer team, Manna insulated tumblers and bottles will make sure you and your beverage stays warm on the inside.


The RENEGADE Tumblers range from 13 oz. to 30 oz. so the size you choose depends on how much of a coffee buzz you need in the morning.

The RENEGADE series comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. Depending on your mood, you can sip from a more subdued onyx tumbler or a happy-inducing lime green tumbler. Perhaps you should use your teal RENEGADE tumbler for your morning commute and break out the red tumbler for a weekend soccer game.

The double wall, stainless steel insulated tumbler design will keep your beverage warm for hours. The professional 18/8 stainless steel material is BPA & lead free.

Pro Tip: To make your Saturday coffee taste different from your Monday coffee, add vanilla extract to your coffee or a vanilla bean to the coffee grounds. If you’re not driving, add a touch of whiskey.


If you’re not a fan of cold weather, the 18 0z. MODA insulated bottle with its seashore designs featuring clams, shells, sea stars and lobsters will have you daydreaming about the beach from Halloween until Cinco de Mayo.

The MODA will keep your beverage of choice warm for 12 hours while the leak-proof twist lid will prevent unwanted spills on your puffer jacket. When summer finally arrives, it will keep your lemonade cool for a full 24 hours with no condensation.

Pro Tip: To improve your immunity during winter months, consider filling your MODA with chicken broth. Packed with calcium, minerals and other things your grandma said are good for you, broth can help ward off colds. Add a touch of cayenne or turmeric for added health benefits.


The Manna CARAFE is an elegant way to serve mulled wine at a tailgate party or bonfire. Available in 25 oz. and 50 oz. sizes, the CARAFE has a leakproof screw-top lid made of Acacia Wood. The smaller size holds a full bottle of wine while the larger version holds two bottles.

The 25 oz. metallic version is available in gold, black, navy and stainless steel. You can get the 50 oz. CARAFE in marble matte black or white, the metallic in red, copper and shark or the powder coated in cloud or onyx.

The CARAFE is vacuum insulated and has a quick sealable plug, which will keep beverages hot for 12 hours.

Pro Tip: Mulled wine, made with Cabernet, apple cider, cinnamon sticks, orange, cloves and star anise, isn’t just for the 1800’s anymore. It will make the holiday season feel even more festive.


The 64 oz. KEG Growler has easy to grip keg handles, which make it a joy to carry. If you plan on entertaining outdoors in colder temps, the KEG Growler is a must-have.

The double-walled stainless steel insulated KEG Growler comes in two designs. One is plain and the other says “Damn Tasty.”

If you can’t bear the thought of not using your “Beer in Here” KEG Growler during the winter months, consider filling it with a beer that tastes better warm. Not all beer needs to be icy cold to be enjoyed. Many ales and stouts should be served at a temperature between 50-60 degrees.

If you want to use your “Beer in Here” growler for the adults but you also want a special treat for the kids, fill a plain KEG Growler with hot chocolate.

Pro Tip: If there are no kids to be found but you still want to serve hot chocolate, give it an adult makeover by adding marshmallow vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, cinnamon whiskey or hazelnut liquor. Everyone will agree, your hot chocolate is “Damn Tasty.”

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  • sam pettinato: December 11, 2018

    why does my Manna wireless speaker Tumbler state on the box"intended for cold beverages only"

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