This One Bottle Will Make All Your Summer Parties So Much Easier

This One Bottle Will Make All Your Summer Parties So Much Easier

The great outdoors are why we spend all year longing for summer parties. Both of those delights, however, make pulling off these parties not-so-delightful. 

Serving and prepping drinks can go awry in the summer heat. Wine spoils, ice cubes melt, pitchers spill, and glass bottles are a chore to transport.

Because we’re summer enthusiasts, we created our 50 oz. carafe to make throwing and attending parties feel more like partying and less like work. This carafe can fit almost 1.5 liters, or two bottles of wine, and keeps your beverages cold for 24 hours. We love it for almost as many reasons as why we love ice cream cones and fireworks, and we’ve listed just a few of the ways this bottle will simplify your summer below.

Perfect Presentation—and Protection—for your wine  

Wine experts recommend you leave your wine bottles in the kitchen while dining or entertaining al fresco in order to keep the vino safe from the heat, but getting up every time a guest needs a refill is a pain.

Leave your wine in the heat, however, and it will begin to cook after just a few hours, The glass of the bottle acts like a magnifying glass in the sun, which can damage the seal and cork, causing oxidation and leakage. These factors combine to turn an award-winning merlot into an astringent, acidic waste of money.

Instead of investing in extra items that will take up space on your table, like wine chillers or ice buckets, your wine will stay perfectly cool and safe in just the 50 oz. carafe. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated container will keep your wine cold for a full day. That means even if you forget to grab the carafe at the end of the night, your wine will still be just as fresh and delicious come morning. 

The acacia wood lid plugs into the top of the bottle like a cork, and it’s easy to twist and pop off between pours to also protect your wine from bugs. Because worms in tequila are not the same thing as gnats in your cabernet.

Perfect for transporting cocktails

A summer dilemma: You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking a dish, but you still need to whip up something homemade to bring and share with your friends. Solution: Make a batch of specialty cocktails (or mocktails) in the carafe, and become the toast of the party.

Most cocktails run between three to five ounces. When you do the math, that’s 10 to 15 cocktails in one 50 oz. carafe. This makes it cheaper to mix specialty cocktails and put them in the carafe than it is to buy canned or boxed options. They’ll also taste a whole lot better. 

The carafe is easier to transport than a beverage dispenser and will keep your cocktails cool without ice. Although the twist-off cap makes it totally possible to throw in as much ice and sliced fruit as you want. It’s a sangria superhero.

Feel free to go wild with crushed mint, fruit purees, or edible glitter; the manna carafe is super easy to clean. Just remove the narrow-mouthed opening to reveal a larger opening for cleaning.

Because it’s easy to maintain and transport, the carafe takes the stress out of picnics and beach get-togethers. You don’t have to worry about drinks leaking onto your summer read and towels while hiking your way to the shore or park, and, unlike other bottles, your drinks will stay cold and free of dirt and sand.

Matches any decor

Some carafes look about as elegant as a box of wine on a dinner table, but our bottles blend seamlessly into the decor. Go for a classic look with our marble finish carafes, or take your tablescape in a more modern direction with metallic and matte powder finish options. 

Not just for wine, you can use our carafes to keep your guests hydrated. Buying a million bottles of water isn’t great for the environment, and it takes away from the look of the party. Pitchers, however, turn into bath water in the summer heat. Placing a couple of carafes throughout the party puts water within arm’s reach without betraying mother nature.

If you are a superstar guest, the carafe is also beautiful enough to make a simple housewarming gift to the host or hostess at the end of the night. That is, if you can bear to part with one of yours.

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